What I Offer:

My practice focuses on offering an expanded experience of health.

Eric Hartmann, Acupuncturist -- Seattle, WA

I practice Worsley Five-Element Acupuncturesm which follows the laws of nature to support a person to be more balanced, at ease, and peaceful. Keeping the whole person in mind, this form of acupuncture assists in the regaining of health on all levels: body, mind and spirit. I'm dedicated to helping my patients achieve this sense of balance.

Worsley Five-Element Acupuncturesm, as taught by Dr. J.R. Worsley, is a unique type of acupuncture (for more click on About Five Element Acupuncture). This tradition of acupuncture recognizes that the entire person must be taken into account to treat the CAUSE of the illness rather than ONLY addressing the symptoms.

I have been practicing for over 20 years and have extensive and direct training in Worsley Five-Element Acupuncturesm. After years of training and committment, I am now a coach in the Master Apprentice Program sm which was started by Dr. J.R. and Judy Worsley.

I am truly concerned about your health and welfare. During treatment, I want to get to the heart of your concerns in a focused, efficient manner in order to accurately provide treatment. The goal is to identify and treat the root cause of the imbalance. I am committed to staying with you during this unfolding process as your health is regained.

Eric Hartmann Discusses Worsley 5 Element Acupuncture sm

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Here are some quotes from clients:

I’m grateful to you for your kind ministering to the whole of me. It’s precious to feel heard with such intelligence and caring as you have given. I’m feeling so much stronger and integrated than when I first came to you, and think I now understand the significance of being in balance. —Gina in Seattle, WA 


Four years ago I was suffering from extreme exhaustion, sleeplessness, irritability and joint aches. I was use to living an active, full and vibrant life and these symptoms were dragging me down. After visiting my primary healthcare professional and getting a basic clean bill of heath, she told me, “You need to go back to your 5 element acupuncturist because I think your chi is way off”. I didn’t need to be told twice. After the first session I felt much better and after the sixth treatment I felt like I had my good ole self back: energetic, rested and enjoying exercise again. It has been over three years now and Eric is a regular part of my monthly preventive healthcare treatment. I teach in the public schools and I know the reason I rarely take any sick leave is because of the great care and support I receive from Eric. Thank you, Eric, I will always appreciate what you do for me." —Carolyn, Seattle, WA