Acupuncture Theory

Acupuncture is the use of very thin, fine needles and stimulate certain points on the body to strengthen the "Qi" or "Chi".  (The Japanese say "Ki" as in aikido.) Qi  is the vital energy that the Chinese defined thousand of years ago as the energy that animates us, our 'lifeforce'. Acupuncture can stimulate the Qi or move blockages of the Qi at the points. The points are inter-connected through meridians that course along the surface of our body and connect with the inner organs.

Moxibustion or "moxa" is an herb (Artemsia latiflora vulgaris) that is rolled into cones placed on the point, lit by an incense stick, and warms up the point. It is another way to stimulate and warm the Qi.

In 5 Element needling technique, 90% of the time I will place the needle into the point, make a 1/4 turn and take it out in one motion. Rarely, do I put a needle into a point and leave it in.

What is Worsley Five-Element Acupuncturesm?

Dr. JR Worsley brought this elegant system of medicine to West in the 1950's. Based on ancient Chinese wisdom, Worsley Five-Element acupuncturesm respects the laws of nature to restore balance and harmony.