Re: Balance and well being

August 2013

"I’m grateful to you for your kind ministering to the whole of me. It’s precious to feel heard with such intelligence and caring as you have given.
I’m feeling so much stronger and integrated than when I first came to you, and think I now understand the significance of being in balance."


Re: Preventative healthcare

October 2010


"Four years ago I was suffering from extreme exhaustion, sleeplessness, irritability and joint aches.  I was use to living an active, full and vibrant life and these symptoms were dragging me down.  After visiting my primary healthcare professional and getting a basic clean bill of heath, she told me, “You need to go back to your 5 element acupuncturist because I think your chi is way off”.  I didn’t need to be told twice.

            When I walked back into Eric’s office it had been 3 years since I had last seen him.  Those first 3 weeks he saw me 6 times and I feel like it saved my life. After the first session I felt much better and after the sixth treatment I felt like I had my good ole self back: energetic, rested and enjoying exercise again.  It has been over three years now and Eric is a regular part of my monthly preventive healthcare treatment.  I teach in the public schools and I know the reason I rarely take any sick leave is because of the great care and support I receive from Eric.

Thank you, Eric, I will always appreciate what you do for me."

 -Carolyn, Seattle, Washington


Re: Recent Treament (tx)

April, 2009

"Thanks! The tx was amazing, such a difference, thank you!"

 -a patient of many years

Re: Osteoarthritis

September 10, 2007 Dear Eric,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your skill as a practitioner of Five Element Acupuncture. You have changed my life.

I have osteoarthritis and suffered from fatigue and pain associated with that degenerative autoimmune disease. I also had tried other forms of acupuncture in the past for relief from these symptoms, but did not receive much benefit. A friend of mine suggested I try Five Element Acupuncture, so I did an Internet search for practitioners in the Seattle area and your name was in that list.

During my first visit, we talked about my arthritis and how much the pain and, especially, the fatigue were taking away from my enjoyment of life. Eric, it was like magic. After three treatments, I realized that the pain was gone and so was the fatigue. Not lessened. Gone.

I realize that these results are a partnership of many things, including my body's own healing powers, but Eric, it didn't happen until I became one of your patients and received acupuncture from you. You practice your art with great skill and professionalism and I am the lucky beneficiary.

It's so wonderful to be free of fatigue and chronic pain. You are a gifted healer and practitioner. Thank you, Eric.


Becky W.


Re: shoulder pain and stress

June 2, 2008

“I first started seeing Eric several years ago for job-related shoulder pain and mental stress. From the start, Eric’s treatments gave me immediate and lasting relief. During my appointments, Eric focuses on my needs 100 %, and I never feel rushed. Eric’s acupuncture treatments have become my foundation for staying healthy, feeling happy, and living a more balanced life.”


Re: allergies

May 30, 2008

I frequently encounter amazed looks when I tell people that I work with that my allergies are completely resolved with acupuncture.  For years I have been off steroids and antihistamines, and I feel absolutely great.

-S.H. (a  physician)